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Using AI to automate processes means substantial efficiency improvements in nearly any business function. Now, that same solution is being deployed to create better, faster and smarter AI technologies. Think of IBM Watson Studio as an AI that trains other AIs. It helps automate the Deep Learning process, so you can train your system to handle independent tasks much more rapidly. After all, some of the biggest barriers to entry with AI technology are the availability of skilled programmers, standardized formats for easy deployment and the sheer complexity involved in training any AI. With IBM Watson Studio services now available, those barriers are now awfully thin.

The Importance of Deep Learning

Deep learning is essentially what turns a static if/then based machine model into a self-improving model that learns from experiences and the feedback it gets. Before deep learning and the neural networks that allow it, all AI was really a complex set of if/then statements. If a user inputs A, then the appropriate response is B. Deep learning allows computers to think outside the box. Instead of having only two options, they may have a long list of possible responses to a single query.

The challenge lies in teaching the machine how to …

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