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Business owners and managers are always on the hunt to help both their employees and company become more efficient. It makes sense. Getting more work done for less money means you can do things like pay employees more, hire new workers, get better perks, and have less stress.

So, what do people do? They look to external sources for advice and guidance. They hunt online and in leadership magazines on tips for getting the most out of employees. Claims like “having meetings where everybody stands the whole time will make them 80 percent shorter” are found, and suddenly all meetings are done standing up.

It’s not bad to do outside research, but often managers and business owners fail to look at a more important source of guidance: instead of looking at what other people in the world are doing, they need to start by looking at the data their own business is producing for ways to improve.

Quantifying All Tasks

Before you can start analysing your business’s data, you need to be able to collect data from tons of different sources. Basically, every part of your business’ performance, from the CEO to the lowest employee, needs to be measured.

Find ways to collect data from …

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