Our IAM Maturity Model, developed through our work with large government organizations, evaluates the maturity of an organization’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) services. While it is primarily focused on identifying and mitigating security risks, it also assesses the efficiency and quality of service delivery.

Effective IAM requires well-defined policies and processes that are implemented in a systematic manner. The IAM Maturity Model assesses the business and policy frameworks that define and manage the delivery of IAM services within an organization. These frameworks are evaluated along two dimensions: the quality of the IT systems and tools that support them (Automation) and the use of service-level agreements and metrics to ensure that they are being implemented to customers’ satisfaction (Performance Management).IAM maturity model

The IAM Maturity Model helps organizations to:

  • Clarify their service objectives and models
  • Identify and manage security risks
  • Implement objective measures of risk and service delivery
  • Develop roadmaps for risk mitigation, increased efficiency, and improved service delivery
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