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Big data is one of the most pivotal aspects of marketing success today, but recent data breaches and a public row over privacy has left many marketing experts baffled when it comes to properly leveraging big data analytics today without drawing the public’s ire. Is it even possible to rely on the power of big data to increase your marketing team’s productivity anymore?

The answer is a definitive yes, and marketing pros who follow the below tips will quickly come to see that harnessing the power of big data to optimise their day to day operations has never been easier. Here’s your blueprint for success in the 21st-century marketplace.

Understand the importance of privacy

It’s a shame that it even needs to be said, but the first thing marketers trying to harness the power of big data should understand is that privacy is a paramount concern of yours, and should always be one of the chief blips on your radar. A failure to take the information you’ll be handling seriously could land you in hot water, kind of like how Facebook is presently enduring a global outcry centred on its misusage of user data.

Assuming that your marketing team is savvy enough to understand …

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