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The Internet of Things. It sounds like something quite innocuous and unassuming. It will turn out to be anything but. It’s down to the sheer size of the thing. With the huge expansion of the internet that will come with 31 billion devices being added to the internet, the game is going to change entirely.

The interesting thing is that like with so many innovations, we can’t yet know everything that’s going to happen. If you don’t believe me in that regard, just consider the home computer. For a long time, it was a tool without a purpose, as people thought it was interesting but not really all that useful. Then spreadsheets came along. This revolutionized computers in particular as well as business as a whole.

Of course, that’s not all she wrote. Though we can’t make all the predictions and we’ll probably be caught by surprise in many areas, there are a lot of predictions we can make. It’s just important to realize that most of these only form the tip of the iceberg.

Data Collection

The obvious first change is how much more data will be available. This will matter to education in two big ways. The first is that there will …

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