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The world has experienced many technologies and innovations in the last one decade ranging from the World Wide Web, the internet to mobile technologies, and now the internet of things (IoT). 

Though a popular innovation in the domestic environment such as smart home appliances, smart speakers and personal digital doctors, IoT is rapidly gaining popularity in various commercial industries including agriculture, healthcare, real estate and security, and the future seems even brighter for the logistics application development.

In a recent GT Nexus and Campegini combined research published on Business Insider, approximately 70 percent of retail logistics companies have already started application of the new technology to enhance decision making and increase performance to maximise returns. With the evolution of other technologies like GPS positioning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains and other automation, more of IoT application development is expected to disrupt the logistics and supply chain.

What Is IoT And Why Does It Matter?

IoT (Internet of Things) is a large network of man-made and natural physical objects (human, computer devices, digital machines, animals, mechanical machines and plants among others) that are connected using sensors and application programming interfaces (APIs) to share data over the internet. IoT application development depends on other technologies like …

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