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With the advent of IoT will come a massive demand for storage for Big Data. According to Forbes, once IoT gets underway we’re likely to be flooded with data coming from IoT devices. While this is a valid concern, the fact of the matter is that Big Data is a perfect match for IoT and as more and more companies adopt the IoT standard, Big Data will come to play a huge part in how a company utilizes its IoT devices. Big Data allows for a unique way for isolating and tracking pertinent metrics to ensure that IoT devices are used to their fullest capability. As we can see, IoT stands to impact the Big Data fraternity in large part, thanks to its very existence.

Storage for IoT Collected Big Data

Big Data from IoT isn’t a misuse of the word ‘big’. Cisco estimates that by the close of 2019, we may be seeing as much as 500 zettabytes per year in data from the IoT. That works out to five hundred trillion gigabytes of data. In order to deal with IoT devices transmitting data constantly to the database, companies are looking at adopting platform-as-a-Service subscriptions, to utilize the flexibility of cloud …

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