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There’s nothing more central to business than communication. From the way that information is shared and accessed to the way that businesses communicate with each other and with customers, communication tools are a key part of any enterprise. Access to the cloud has radically transformed the way that people conduct business across the world, and UCaaS is the next step in that transformative evolution.

According to the latest IDC survey covering UCaaS, enterprises are discarding their legacy phone systems in droves. What they’re switching to is unified communications as a service, or UCaaS. Naturally, switching a core, key business service requires thoughtful analysis, so some businesses might be reluctant to switch to cloud communications. But the businesses that use UCaaS today are hardly rogue outliers.

As of the end of 2017, nearly 44% of businesses used UCaaS, up from 37% in 2016. 56% plan to implement UCaaS by 2019. Why? Because UCaaS streamlines all communications, reduces costs, and increases employee productivity and efficiency via collaboration. Robust, tested, trusted, and easy-to-implement cloud-based software services make it possible.

Legacy phones have been using the same system of underground copper wires since the 1800s. These are sometimes called PSTN, landlines, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), or …

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