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Setting up analytics is one of the most important factors of success in any PPC campaign. Whether you’re creating a new account from scratch or taking over an account from another campaign manager, the steps should be the same. You need to ensure that all tracking is implemented correctly. This should be your number one priority, and you’ll have to go beyond the basics if you want to make your website data work harder for you.

Here are 5 golden rules to follow for maximum ROI and better campaign results.

1. Have clear targets and goals

Before creating any PPC campaigns, be clear on what your goals are. Nothing is more damaging to PPC optimisation than the lack of direction. Whether done in-house or by an agency, good AdWords management should always be results-driven. Make sure anyone who is working on the account has KPIs to work to, so you can monitor performance, and learn what works (and what doesn’t) for your brand/audience. Otherwise, the data pulled from your Analytics account will be of very little value to you.

2. Have conversion tracking for every search engine

One of the first steps is making sure that you can track conversions through every major …

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