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No doubt about it, AI is here to stay. AI digital adoption increased by over 60% in 2018. This trend is expected to continue as this technology becomes an even more critical tool in the business world. As a forward-looking company, there is simply no hiding from the reality that you will need to embrace the advancements in AI and educate the stakeholders involved. From an internal perspective, getting everyone up to speed on AI needs to be a crucial part of your employee training program.

Companies that fail to embrace AI and use it to guide their strategies in the modern digital age will soon fall behind. To put it bluntly, refusing (or not being able) to keep up with the rapidly advancing business world will surely lead to the downfall of your company. So, how can you help to prepare your business to embrace AI and make this transition into digital adoption as smooth and strategic as possible?

Start with the Important Stuff

Executive leaders agree that one of the top benefits of AI is to optimize internal business operations and support data-driven decision making, according to research conducted by Deloitte (and reported by Harvard Business Review). 

AI can help to provide …

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