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The problem with disruptive network technologies is that they are sort of…well…disruptive. The issue occurs when you’re trying to institute a disruptive network technology and it forces your system to go offline – something many corporate IT networks simply can’t afford to let happen. The reason many companies opt for tried and tested technology over brand new, disruptive technology is that a company adopting new tech is likely to be the “guinea pig” that other companies considering it will use as their benchmark.

There are many things that can potentially go wrong, meaning that fixing it is usually not as easy as finding where it went wrong elsewhere and applying the fix to the issue. In any sort of disruptive network technology, the best way to go about implementing it is to use a small test-case before it gets rolled out across the entire enterprise network. That way minor bugs can be caught and rectified before they have a chance to propagate and create problems in a live network. So how does a company adopt a disruptive network technology to play nice with existing architecture?

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