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The fundamental job of a network administrator is to monitor the network for traffic usage, performance, availability, and faults. This continuous practice helps network administrators to respond quickly to the issues in their network, and ensure an optimized utilization of the network.

An effective network monitoring tool is either a software-based solution or a software and hardware integrated solution that monitors and analyses the network from end to end. The tool studies the network for various metrics such as latency, bandwidth, CPU usage, and responsiveness. The solution is also responsible for issuing alerts and warnings when the performance of the network exceeds thresholds that is when the network exhibits over-usage or downtime.

Employing Network Analytics can prove to be of utmost benefit for any organization as it empowers the management to:

Discover in-depth analysis of the network that is not otherwise possible.
Improve business performance by avoiding costly mistakes, maximizing revenue, and optimizing capital investments.
Lessen the risks of failure by making informed decisions based on the prediction of network usage and its implications.

6 valuable features of a network monitoring and analytics tool

Any network monitoring and analytics tool should have the following features inherently-

Interactive speed

All networking monitoring and analytics activities need to happen in real-time, …

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