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You must have studied about selenium grid. Selenium Grid is a component of Selenium which is used for parallel testing across different browsers and machines. You can have your system as a hub which will distribute the test cases across various other machines. Other machines on which the test will be distributed are called as nodes. A hub is a machine on which the tests are executed but they run on different nodes. This doesn’t overload the machine and also, if you have less time then you can go for parallel testing using different nodes. Docker is a container which is used for storing databases, libraries, and dependencies. These will be used to built or run any application.

Why Docker with Selenium Grid?

If you want a specific configuration of a browser like you to have to test the tests cases on Firefox version more than 46 but if you have a limitation that you can’t install that version in your system. Using 46 versions in your system can disrupt other applications. So, in this case, it is better to go for a node which will be having 46 version of Firefox so that you can easily run your test cases over there. You can easily perform …

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