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Last week I had the pleasure of working with the University of South Wales (USW) to help non-technical people understand Data Science.

More specifically, I was running a Masterclass entitled “Everyday Data Science“. The brief was to demystify this topic for a diverse audience. It was clearly popular as it drew a good crowd.

The delegates who attended my Masterclass varied from data analysts to directors. However, most worked in some branch of public sector services.

What do you cover when you get such a brief?

My first challenge was what to include. It is always tempting when dealing with a topic like this to rush into evidencing ones technical credentials. But all speakers should start by focussing on – what does your audience need?

In this case, I decided they needed an overview and specifically the ability to assess whether or not Data Science was relevant for them. To achieve the second half of that, I sought to focus on enabling them to assess their readiness for Data Science.

It was a good session with great involvement from those who participated. So, I would encourage those who work in South Wales to consider attending one of USW’s masterclasses. Further down this post, I have also shared the slides that I used via SlideShare.

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