How to Get The Most Out of Data Warehouses

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Currently, small and medium-sized businesses have started embracing the utilization of Big Data. Data warehouses have given organizations a window into their historical performance and data analysis so as to get more information about customer behavior and business trends on quarterly and annual analysis. The need to capture and analyze data has helped expand the growth of the data warehouse industry. However, it’s important to analyze your need for a data warehouse platform and determine its benefits before you decide on whether you intend to invest in it or not.

Investing in a data warehouse platform depends on your organization’s specific needs. A warehouse platform deployment option can either be a departmental or an enterprise-wide platform. For your big data analytics, you should also decide whether you’ll integrate the traditional data warehousing with online analytical processing (OLAP) uses. It’s important to a match the usage of data warehousing with the most appropriate data warehouse mediums.

Why your organization or business requires data warehousing

The general reason why your organization will need data warehousing is that it extracts data on a continuous process that is later copied to a specialized system like a data warehouse for analysis on dashboards, business intelligence tools, and portals. …

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