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Cybersecurity is like the door ajar warning light on the console of a huge van going 80 mph down the freeway. Whoever’s driving the vehicle needs to pull over and close the door, but it’s in the back, it’s only slightly ajar, and at any rate, the van can keep going, so the driver figures they might as well just get to it later. But by the time they get to it, someone has already snuck in and made off with a crate of valuables to sell on the black market.

A new cybersecurity survey of businesses reveals 87 percent of respondents are “confident in their cybersecurity preparedness.” This comes at a time when 71 percent “had at least one breach in the previous year.” Types of breaches respondents reported included DoS attacks, fraud, insider attacks, and ransomware. The average cost of a single breach for SMBs was nearly $78K, for enterprises it was nearly $1 million.

Clearly, the door is ajar and many businesses (400 in the survey) naively think they know how to close it.      

Businesses aren’t the only ones facing this problem. Schools face cyber attacks too. About 27 percent of schools allow anyone access to their open networks, …

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