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How one open platform plans to transform the digital advertising market with its own cryptocurrency

Meet blockchain – the fintech newcomer that has taken the world by storm, redefining how businesses, governments, organizations and individuals interact. This decentralized ledger technology eliminates expensive third parties by providing an airtight verification process. It can authenticate any type of transaction, establishing trust and simplifying the movement of money, products and information worldwide.

Several Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have appeared in recent years and the number is growing exponentially. The urgent need for a direct and trustworthy mode of interaction elevated the blockchain conversation from crypto-fan chatrooms to the most influential boardrooms.

Blockchain’s collaboration-based network has already impacted several industries, generating benefits for all parties involved. The digital advertising industry is next in line, with various startups attempting to use this technology to transform processes currently dominated by middlemen, fraud and a lack of measurability.

Make advertising transparent, relevant & rewarding

Many initiatives emerging from the digital advertising industry aims to reinvent the current model by harnessing blockchain to deliver transparency, relevance and rewards. A great thing is to create a people-centric approach, an open platform improves the customer experience while allowing for …

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