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These days, it seems like every city is trying to implement “smart” initiatives. Take Singapore for example, now known for the most extensive effort to collect data on citizens’ daily living habits/routines ever attempted by a municipality. Even Bill Gates has pumped millions of dollars into helping Phoenix in their smart city efforts.

But what do we mean when we talk about a ‘smart city’? Is it the better use of resources within the city centre, or the fact that all resources being wasted would eventually be overcome? Eventually, we can all agree to disagree, as there is a perception most people have in their mind with regards to the functionality and the phenomenon we know as the smart city.

Since development has been rapid, it is difficult to keep an eye on all that is happening. Industries have started adapting the Internet of Things (IoT) and wish to implement it in a broader level to increase efficiency. But regardless of what’s transpired to-date in all industries, one thing that does not escape the eye is M2ocity’s rollout in France.

To talk over this matter, I got in touch with the man behind these technicalities: Xavier Diab, IT director at M2ocity. Readers who are not yet familiar with M2ocity …

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