How to Choose Your AI Provider Wisely?

The present-day reality is that artificial intelligence is boosting — and so is the market. AI and Big Data technologies can add significant value to a business, providing valuable insights about market trends and corporate processes, as well as predicting future sales, optimizing personnel and assets management and even taking on a part of research and development work.

Answering the demand, an increasing number of companies claim that they offer you the best AI solutions. How to choose a vendor that would have the necessary expertise, be reliable enough and suit your particular needs ̶ this are the questions that keep plaguing business owners and CTOs.

Knowing Tricks

First of all, let’s discuss how IT companies can persuade you that they offer AI solutions (when they don’t).

Calling something AI is not AI

Probably, the most frustrating trick: just rebrand software as AI without introducing any changes to it. A company may declare that they offer AI solutions, but it is absolutely critical to remember that not every software product that calculates something is AI. A statistical analysis is not AI. Nor is getting a result that you don’t understand.

Legacy software is not AI

So you have an old product which you wish to upgrade in line with the newest trends. Imagine …

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