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My team works with a big number of media data: video, rendering, photos, illustrations. To ensure the best teamwork, we need constant access to all these files. At some point, we no longer have enough storage available on our own server, and we started looking for cloud storage that satisfies all our needs.

In this post, I will compare popular data storage services for business: DropBox, Google Drive, Citrix ShareFile, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Let’s see our requirements for a cloud storage service:

Unlimited data. We have a lot of data, about 10TB on an average day. I do not want to constantly think about how much space we need to buy this month or why the quota suddenly ended.

Versioning of files and logging. Github has taught us that all changes can be seen and rolled back. Therefore, I want that situation with our files becomes exactly the same: any change or removal should be reversible and easy to control.

Access rights. No more shared folders available to everyone. Each employee must have his own area of ​​visibility and access.

Upload without registration. My clients no longer should look for data hosting services to send us a large file. Files should be immediately uploaded to our repository …

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