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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most talked about contemporary technology trends. Research organization Statista projects that the global IoT market size will reach over $400 billion by 2020.

The IoT is a rather simple concept with profoundly useful applications. The basic idea behind IoT is to embed everyday items, such as coffee machines, washing machines, cars, fridges, medical diagnostic devices, and alarm clocks with hardware, software, and Internet connectivity so that such devices can communicate and exchange data. The result is unparalleled levels of efficiency and practicality in many areas, ranging from simple household matters to optimized healthcare and manufacturing.

IoT and Mobile Development

IoT has had a huge impact in altering the course of mobile development.

New Business Models

Entire business models such as Uber thrive on combining IoT and mobile apps. Uber drivers have their cars fitted with IoT sensors, while customers are required to download an application on their smartphones to use the service.

Thanks to the integration of IoT and mobile apps and the location data they provide, Uber can track its huge fleet of cars and its large customer base simultaneously, enabling the company to easily match customers who need a ride with the nearest available driver …

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