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Technology doesn’t serve any purpose or function if it cannot increase the quality of life for the average person. After all, this should be the ultimate goal used for guiding society’s movement into the future. With our current wealth of technological resources and understanding, it should be a fairly easy transition to improving the lives of everyone in society. Fortunately, there are many cities already leveraging IOT to improve living standards. Here are just a few ways in which IOT is revolutionizing urban living.

Reducing Congestion on the Highways

No major city is free from the plague of traffic congestion. With millions of people hitting the roads at the same intervals, it is nearly impossible to have any organization. However, many cities are leveraging IOT to help reduce congestion on the roads and highways. Some of the primary initiatives include directed parking, safer roads, smarter traffic systems, frictionless toll and more. According to Juniper Research, these technological additions can help drivers get back 60 hours each year that would have been wasted stuck in traffic or waiting for a parking spot.

Improving Air Quality

Every large city suffers from poor air quality. This is a direct result of the traffic issues that were discussed …

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