How Successful Franchises use Data Analytics

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Big data is everywhere and franchises would be fools to ignore the vital information that could break them or make them. There are almost limitless opportunities to use data for commercial gain when creating a product, service, website or marketing campaign. However, care has to be taken to under the insights provided.

Predictive analytics software helps to take a business forward by making use of existing data, learning from it and accurately predicting future trends and insights accurately. Retail and commerce is set to benefit in an almost unprecedented way by utilising this technology. Make sure to get advice from the experts before any considerable investment.

Wi-Fi like ‘Purple Wifi’ tracks consumers as they are navigating through shopping centres with significantly strong location tracking methods meaning that retailers can understand how shoppers behave in more detail, allowing them to develop a larger picture than just the products purchased. Following up on these purchase is now even easier by connecting customers purchases to loyalty cards meaning that customers shopping habits can be recorded and predicted.

Display advertising is allowing customers to be tracked and marketed to as they navigate the web and all this data has allowed audience targeting to become even more accurate …

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