How Secure is Your Cloud Computing?

For many businesses, cloud storage has become the new norm for storing and sharing files across departments. It’s highly convenient and gives employees access to data across multiple devices wherever they are. As more and more options become available, more and more of our personal and confidential business data gets stored on the cloud. But just how secure is that information?

After the iCloud celebrity photo breach, the use and faith in cloud storage declined, which also meant that the demand for security on cloud storage went up. It is important to note that computers, cloud storage and hybrid cloud storage are always susceptible and there is no perfect system, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one of the best and convenient pieces of technology out there. Instead, be smart about how you and your employees use it and follow these guidelines to ensure that your data is as secure as it can get on the cloud.

First and foremost, ditch the easy passwords. Nearly every website or account you use needs a username and password, and keeping track of those can be extremely frustrating and daunting which is why many resort to duplicating passwords or relying on easy info like …

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