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The National Retail Federation predicts that between November and December 2017, holiday retail sales will top out at $678.75 billion. As shoppers across the country prepare to drop some serious cash over the next few weeks, they’ll have greater access than ever before to digital technologies that transform the way they shop for, try on, and try out products.

Taking center stage? Augmented reality. Forget the days of standing in a crowded dressing room line or lurching your head around like the Exorcist trying to get a glimpse of how your new shirt looks from the back. Today’s retailers are implementing whip-smart software solutions that make the shopping experience a breeze.

Today, we’re taking a look at a few innovative brands fully embracing the augmented reality trend and what it means for the future of the industry as a whole.

Ready to get started? Let’s try a few on for size.

Gap’s “Dressing Room” App

Think fashion and tech, and Gap might not be the first retailer to come to mind. However, after experiencing a lag in recent sales, the global brand is making giant strides toward becoming more tech-savvy. In an ironic twist, the company more known for making denim cool again than for …

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