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The amount of useful data that most governments have access to is impressive by any standard. But what’s more impressive is the potential that data has to improve the way that governments operate. That’s why one of the biggest trends in the GovTech sector today is the push for open data.

The movement towards open data in the public sector is significant for a couple of primary reasons. On the one hand, transparency lets citizens know what data the government has and how they are potentially using it so they can hold the right people accountable. On the other, open data helps governments by fostering greater interdepartmental collaboration and driving innovation through sharing data with third parties.

Public sector utilization of data transparency and analytics is evolving at a rapid pace on the state, local and federal levels to catalyze innovation and create a more citizen-centric way of operating. Here’s how the landscape of data transparency has evolved over recent years, how the public sector is putting open data and analytics to use, and why we should all be optimistic about the benefits of data transparency for both governments and citizens.

1. The Emergence of Open Data

One of the most significant moments in the …

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