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The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is almost upon us. Rapid developments in machine learning have allowed us to build better, smarter machines that are capable of making decisions and handling tasks similar to humans.

Some of these developments are also being implemented in mobiles to create the next generation of smarter phones. I attended the recent Huawei Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen to speak with the heads of Huawei’s development teams and find out more about the future of AI in mobiles.

AI in Your Mobile Will Change the Way You Live

Huawei is a leading brand in mobile phone technology. Their Honor and P series are quite popular with mobile phone buyers, while the flagship Mate series remains one of the most sold phones successively.

The company has started gaining wider interest among phone buyers after the introduction of new and unique technologies. This has helped the company dig into the market share of brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia.

Felix Zhang, the Vice President of consumer software engineering, and James Lu, Director of AI Product Management, Huawei Consumer Business Group are very optimistic about the company’s ability to add AI capabilities to smart phones. It would be the next shift in technology for …

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