How Mixed Reality Will Transform Advertising

Imagine yourself meeting your friend far away from your place at a coffee shop by projecting your digital self and your friend interacting with you, sipping coffee and a virtual kitten that’s indistinguishable from a real one playing on the table. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, that’s what Mixed Reality has in store for you. Before diving deep, let’s first understand how it’s different from Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Virtual Reality

VR completely overrides the physical world and creates its own digital world. It takes the user to another immersive environment and allows the viewer to experience something that would not have been feasible otherwise. For example, VR would let you have 3D experience of Rio de Janeiro Carnival, FIFA world cup, your favorite band, sea surfing and much more just by wearing a headgear (irrespective of the physical place). Here is a video of Google’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program which shows artists producing creative pieces using HTC Vive and Google Tilt Brush:

 Liked it? Now don’t miss Katie Rodgers create a garment using a virtual mannequin. 

Augmented Reality

Unlike VR, AR works in tandem with the real world by superimposing digital objects on the real-world environment. It functions by augmenting the physical …

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