How MIT Researchers Use Drone Fleets to Track Warehouse Inventory

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What should you know about MIT Researchers’ use of Drones?

Many companies are becoming aware of the need to automate warehouse inventory tracking in their businesses. The tracking of warehouse stock inventories is one of the major challenges that every business faces including the best-run enterprises. Reports indicate that business makes losses totaling to more than $45 billion due to losses resulting from lost items. The MIT Researchers seeks to ensure that business can cut down their losses related to lost items through the incorporation of drone technology in tracking inventories. MIT Researchers are optimistic that the use of drone fleets could be the solution for businesses having challenges in tracking their warehouse inventories.

What are the advantages of incorporating drones in tracking warehouse inventories?

It makes the location of stock in the warehouse inventories easy. The drones have the capacity to fly around without any security concern and read the RFID tags on warehouse inventories from a distance with a margin error of about 19 cm according to the report by MIT Researchers. The discoveries by the MIT Researchers indicate that the incorporation of drones in the management of warehouses will make it easy to locate the location of items. The MIT …

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