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Healthcare IoT is a rapidly growing specialty but, as data-driven monitoring and treatment modalities advance, concerns about privacy and security have also risen. Researchers have recognized the potential of these tools to improve patient outcomes, and the FDA has stepped in to streamline the approval process and better secure patient data.

If medical IoT is going to enhance current data, patients need to feel comfortable embracing these valuable tools.

An Expanding Market

Part of what makes healthcare IoT so valuable to doctors and researchers is the wide range of monitoring devices available. Among the most commonly used are digital insulin pumps, cardiac monitors, and blood pressure sensors.

There are even smart pills now that can transmit data from inside the patient. But this is just the beginning.

Not only are developers likely to engineer newer devices in the next few years, but the degree of application is also poised to expand at a rapid rate. Researchers predict there will be more than 50 million users by 2021, which will represent a jump from just 7 million in 2016.

In order to reach that level of adoption, medical IoT needs to prove that it’s both trustworthy and effective, which is why the FDA’s approval is so essential. …

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