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Computers are not only becoming more powerful, but they’re also becoming smarter, which is to say they’re becoming more capable of performing tasks that only humans have been able to do. The type of computing that emulates human-like intelligence is called artificial intelligence, or AI, and one of the most powerful developments in AI is machine learning.

The power of machine learning stems from its ability to enable computer programs to improve themselves by learning through experience. It is the breakthrough that has enabled cutting-edge developments such as self-driving cars. It is also the technology behind virtual personal assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, that understand and communicate with natural language.

By emulating the learning style of humans, machine learning software is able to perform many useful functions when it’s applied to large amounts of data. Consequently, this technology is presently having a big impact on many different industries, not the least of which is cybersecurity.

Why is machine learning such a powerful tool?

Machine learning is particularly useful in various applications of data analysis. It learns from data, identifies patterns, automates model building, and makes decisions, and it does all these things with little or no human intervention.

Machine learning algorithms can apply complex …

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