How Machine Learning Boosts Personalization in Travel

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She opens the browser, puts the cursor in the search bar, types “cheap flights from Boston to London,” and up pops the first ten links from Google’s results page. After some surfing, she lands on Skyscanner filtering the flights by date and cost and selects the cheapest deal from Norwegian Airlines. As Skyscanner aggregates the offers from providers, she again bulk opens multiple links leading to deals by online travel agencies. She glances over the pages, never staying more than 30 seconds on any of them. At one of the online travel agencies, she opens flight details, hastily closes a pop-up window without reading its contents, and continues searching. In two days, she returns to the same agency closing the top deal from the search feed.  

The behaviour of this imaginary user is quite common. The data scientists from AltexSoft, a travel tech provider, call this type of ticket surfer an “economy buyer”. The economy buyer accounts for about a half of airfare searches. They look for the most affordable deals, don’t spend too much time exploring flight details, don’t care about long layovers or seating.

Back in 2012, Amadeus published a research called Who Travels with You. The study outlined …

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