How Leading Organizations are Leveraging Big Data and Analytics

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“Data will talk to you if you’re willing to listen” — Jim Bergeson.

Few can dispute that.

However, the challenge comes when data transforms into bundles and stacks of unorganized and unstructured data sets. The challenge comes with listening to big data and making sense of what it says.

With big data, the conversing data becomes loud and noisy. You don’t hear the voice; you hear the cacophony. This is where organizations struggle.

And, amidst a struggle, you look up to the leaders to see how they are rising to the challenge. You observe, you learn, you implement and you adapt.

This is the first article of my “Under the Spotlight” series, where we will look at how leading organizations are leveraging big data and analytics, filtering out white noise from the cacophony in the process—to closely follow and benefit from what data has to say.  

These organizations are spaced among different industry verticals, including aerospace industry, sports industry and life sciences industry, along with government agencies.

Airbus Leveraging Big Data and Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Airbus has been a global leader in the aerospace industry for the last four decades, specializing in designing and manufacturing of aerospace products, services and solution. 

Operating in a complex and highly-competitive industry …

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