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The healthcare industry is on the edge of a revolution. Thanks to different advances in technology, including the IoT, big data, and genomics, doctors and healthcare professionals are going to be able to better treat individual patients. It’s possible now to both monitor the lifestyles of patients and have a better understanding of their genetics and what extra health risks they have.

What is Genomics?

Genomics is the study and mapping of genomes and the DNA within. Every person has a unique set of genomes that makes up who they are. By mapping out a person’s genome, doctors and scientists can get a better understanding of why they have certain physical traits and find out what genetics they got from each parent.

By combining genomics with big data sources, the field is now able to do amazing things. Since every person’s genomes are unique, the data isn’t very useful for diagnosing and improvement without being able to compare it to others. With ever-growing databases of genomes though, healthcare data scientists can compare a person’s genomes to millions of others and find patterns in their genetics and what implications specific genes have for their health.

Predictive Healthcare

By using genomics and big data together, it’s possible …

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