How Edge Computing will Give a New Life to Health Care

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With the advent of Edge Computing, health care industry has transformed itself considerably, while hospitals and clinics are gearing up to take better and faster care of their patients.

In fact, Edge Computing has permeated the industry in such a powerful manner that clinicians and doctors heavily rely on them to treat patients.

As more and more devices get connected in the health care industry, networking among them all has really become huge because the data that keeps comes in is never going to slow down.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge Computing or Fog Computing is a technology by which the time between data capture and analytics are considerably reduced. It works by upending the system in such a manner that the devices themselves are configured to handle critical analysis on their own, and only the filtered ones will enter the user’s device.

Through this technology, patient management, remote monitoring, in-patient care, health information management all receive a burst of speed. As it adds a secure layer of computing power between the cloud and the device, there is no need to worry about information going into the wrong hands.

Health information management can come in various forms like wearables, home scales, Telehealth tools, healthcare apps, blood glucose monitor, heart rate monitor and plenty more, so while devices get smaller and data gets …

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