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Over the years, BI (Business Intelligence) has been setting new standards in overall organisational development of various businesses. As we know, BI employs Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) that allows us to extract data selectively based on our requirements and criteria.

BI is known to have impacted businesses in ways unfathomable. The most noticeable of all has been in Public Relations.

Public Relations are what control the reputation of a business in the market/among the public. It helps strengthen the relationship of the organisations and the public, thus making its own place.
Here’s how Business Intelligence in India, has joined hands with digital marketing, to improve the Public Relations campaigns:

1. Goodbye Guesses! Hello Accuracy!

Before BI came into the picture, the collection of data from different areas, and further analysing them was done manually.  Collecting feedback on how the campaigns worked was done purely based on instincts. They were thus, obviously, inaccurate. 

With BI stepping into the picture, data from every social media platform or websites were collected selectively based on the requirement.

With BI, it was made possible to incur insights from various platforms on how the campaigns were performing and where. Based on this, the cost involved in the traditional trial and error method of …

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