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Deep learning is a sub-category within machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is inspired by and based on the model of the human brain to create artificial neural networks for machines. Deep learning will allow machines and devices to function in some ways as humans do.

Dr. Rodrigo Agundez of GoDataDriven is a co-author of this article and very enthusiastic about the improvements that deep learning can offer. He’s been involved in the data science and analysis field for some time and is already working on implementing models for practical applications.

Rodrigo notes that the new generation of users wants to interact with devices and appliances in a human-like manner. Take the example of Apple’s Siri, which allows for voice command and voice recognition. Communicating with Siri is similar to interacting with a human.

The user interface for Siri seems simple enough. However, the A.I. algorithms that are designed on the back-end are quite complex. 

Designing this kind of interaction with a machine was not possible a few years ago. System designers now have access to complex deep learning algorithms that make it possible to integrate such behaviour into machines.

Importance of Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence will never truly come of age without giving machines the powerful capabilities of deep learning.

The idea of …

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