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It’s more possible than ever these days for anybody to be an entrepreneur in their own right. The rise of the ‘gig economy’ has opened the doors for people to monetize their skills on their own schedule. There are plenty of websites available for freelancers to connect with clients for business support and independent contracting for various tasks and short-term projects.

This type of professional lifestyle is also incredibly attractive to younger generations entering the workforce, but it is certainly not limited to Millennials and recent college grads. More and more workers are finding ways to turn a side hustle into a major money maker. In fact, over one-third of the American workforce currently uses an “alternative work arrangement” as their primary source of income.

The great news is that as the gig economy grows, businesses are finding ways to incorporate data technology to ensure that opportunities abound and alternative entrepreneurs can succeed.

Let’s discuss how some of the latest trends in technology are making it possible for the gig economy to continue on its upward trajectory.

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