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“A billion hours ago, modern Homo sapiens emerged.
A billion minutes ago, Christianity began.

A billion seconds ago, the IBM personal computer was released.

A billion Google searches ago…was this morning.”

-Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist, December, 2013

(From the book: Work Rules by Laszlo Buck)

The last line of the above quote points at the world’s hunger for information. Information plays a huge role in our life. Information consumed by our senses helps our mind in taking decisions. But what happens when the mind is flooded with information. You get confused, irritated and scared of decision-making. This is where your computers and processors come to rescue, and this is when the term “information” is replaced by “data.”

Every minute, more than a hundred hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube. From the application stores, 50+ billion apps have already been downloaded since 2008. There are 2+ billion people signed up on social media websites. These numbers are just giving you a glimpse of the amount of data which is flowing through the optical fibers every second around the world. And now the question comes “how to make this massive amount of data useful?” The answer is Analytics. If you know how to play with numbers …

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