How Computer Vision Could Save Your Life

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Technology is driving huge disruption and innovation within healthcare. Big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence led applications are benefiting the ways in which medical professionals diagnose and treat patients.

Google Brain has recently made a significant breakthrough in computer vision. In 2011, the error rate was 26% for computers analyzing images, but now it’s been revealed that computers are able to recognise and analyse images better than humans, with an error rate of only 3% compared to a 5% error rate of humans. This opens up huge opportunities for this technology in an array of sectors including healthcare. Medical imaging accounts for a huge part of medicine, from image registration and annotation, image-guided therapy through to computer diagnostics. 

Unfortunately, human error is no stranger to the healthcare sector and can put lives at risk. Whilst medical professions strive to deliver the best care they can, is the time for AI – led healthcare here? And is computer vision really capable of providing more thorough results than doctors? 

Accenture’s recent report suggests that the AI health market size is set to grow to a huge $6.6billion by 2021, at an annual rate of 40%. This growth is enormous and signals a radical change in healthcare that …

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