How Can Big Data Help Cancer Research?

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A ray of hope is shining on cancer research, and it is coming from Big Data. This umbrella concept, more common in the technology sector is making its way into other industries, including healthcare, through its applications. The idea behind Big Data is that by analyzing vast volumes of information like medical records, lab tests, and even DNA information, it is possible to detect patterns. To be of any use, these patterns should be unique to each type of cancer, like a signature. So far, doctors look at symptoms and work to identify the cause; now they are aiming to get a tissue sample, analyze it and look for signatures by comparing results with an existing, ever-growing database.

Why is mesothelioma frightening?

Cancer, in general, is one of the most chilling words. It is associated with painful treatments, a significant decrease of if the quality of life and even a gloomy perspective on surviving. To make matters worse, mesothelioma is considered a particularly aggressive type of cancer. The tumor affects the lining of internal organs, for example, the pleura that surrounds the lungs. It is believed that the cause is the exposure to asbestos.

The survival rates of mesothelioma, although improving in the …

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