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Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting and terrifying developments of the 21st century. While it’s helped a vast number of industries improve and grow over the last few years, it’s also sparked a lot of debate over whether or not many human tasks will soon be replaced. Regardless of which side you may be on, it can’t be ignored that AI is a boon for many.

When it comes to marketing, AI has helped professionals deliver better-curated content to audiences and viewers for several years. By harnessing big data, AI enables marketers to better identify niche audiences, recommend more related content, and show ads consumers are more likely to respond to. It makes marketers’ jobs easier without directly replacing them — an insight which may ease some anxiety.

AI can also improve marketing content when it comes to video campaigns. Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools a marketer has, so finding ways to better streamline and utilize it is critical. Here are a few ways video and AI are working together for the best possible marketing result.

AI Provides Better Personalization

One thing consumers now expect is personalized content. They will no longer respond to ads meant to capture …

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