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The tech industry is ranting and raving about blockchain, and for good reasons; few technologies seem set to upend modern ways of doing business like blockchain is. When it comes to big data, in particular, tech investors are coming to realise all of blockchain’s potential – but for blockchain to become a truly transitive force in the market, it needs to establish itself as more than a mere passing trend.

Here’s how the tech world could be relying upon blockchain when it comes to bypassing some of the biggest big data barriers of the contemporary marketplace, and why this exciting new technology likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Investors are going all in on blockchain

The first thing that needs to be established during any discussion about blockchain is that the technology will likely be impacting our market for some time; investors everywhere are pouring their money into blockchain-based initiatives and funding blockchain-based startups in greater numbers than ever before. It’s fair to say that the investment boom we see right now as it pertains to blockchain is only just getting started, too; as more and more entrepreneurs come to realise the big data potential squared away within blockchain, they’re going to see …

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