How Big Data will Influence the Future of Business

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For centuries now, the foundation of the commercial business enterprise is accessibility to data and information. The new world of business generates colossal amounts of data where technology has devised numerous ways through which business enterprises can harness the data. However, this new world order has bumped up against two significant regulation and public policy areas including job opportunities and career development. Big data technology and associated algorithms have presented a considerable challenge to white collar jobs and what the employees should be briefed about regarding business operations in the 21st century. However, big data is set to bring huge benefits to our society such as the creation of numerous job opportunities.

In the most basic terms, big data technology is the sum up of all the tools and processes that are related to the utilization and management of colossal data sets. The concept of data was conceived out of the necessity to understand patterns, tastes, preferences, and trends created when persons interact with each other and with systems that have been put in place by business enterprises. Companies can use up big data analytics provided by Google BigQuery to figure out their most valuable consumer’s big data technology can also …

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