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Technology continues to open doors of opportunity in various aspects of modern-day life. Undeniably one of the most helpful capabilities that technology has enabled us to do is to harness big data and to make use of it to our advantage consequently.

Big data encompasses the massive amount of information about your customers. What time they are active, what they do, where they spend the most time with, what pages they visit, essentially their behavior while inside your site. Being able to capture this data, and then to analyze it this after, enables a business to have a better understanding of their customers so that they would be able to align their offerings to such behaviors. This can also help business tailor-fit their marketing strategies to each customer.

One of the marketing techniques that can best benefit from big data is search marketing – the totality of efforts made to increase a site’s visibility in the results page of search engines. Search engine optimization falls under search marketing.

Here are some concrete ways on how big data helps shape the future of search marketing:

Big data can transform content into data points

When it comes to search marketing, content is crucial. This is where businesses …

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