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Big data gets a lot of attention in discussions about the financial, healthcare, and marketing sectors — in large part because they were already numbers-driven fields. Anyone could see how more, better data would improve efficiency and profitability there.

However, big data is having effects on other niches, such as the fashion industry, surprising to say. Fashion doesn’t seem like a good “fit” for big data because it’s so much more subjective than accounting or sales.

But fashion designers, producers, and consumers are all starting to come under the influence of big data, which is reshaping this industry, too … for the better, one hopes.

New and Better Products

In the first place, big data is useful in an engineering sense: for gathering information from customer feedback and product performance to make new and better products. High-quality makeup brands like Urban Decay continually invest in new research and development to improve their popular products even further, and new lines like the Tyme Style flatiron have made it easier for women to style their hair.

Only through intensive research and analysis are product designers able to improve their existing products … as well as introduce new concepts that consumers didn’t know they needed.

Trend Prediction

Fashion trends are …

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