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Traceability is one of the most important factors or elements in the food and beverage industry. From the time a product or good leaves the source and is transported to a distributor, it undergoes many processes and separate handlers. Because of that, it’s important that all involved parties can track and monitor an item or goods status.

Why Is Monitoring Important?

You see, food or beverages can be contaminated at any point of the supply chain. Being able to pinpoint who, what, how and why is crucial to fixing major health and contamination issues. More importantly, monitoring is vital to maintaining the quality and safety of those goods. Keeping foods at the appropriate temperature no matter where they are — or how they’re being transported and stored — is necessary. With conventional systems, however, it’s difficult to track this information especially when the goods are constantly on the move.

That’s where big data can come in handy.

When locations or goods are equipped with a myriad of sensors and data tracking tools, all players in the supply chain can help keep an eye on optimal conditions. This opens up the opportunity for many new scenarios, including the option to identify and remedy temperature control …

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