How Big Data is Helping the Dark Web Industry?

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The dark web is a secret platform accessed by criminals for trading, as it offers anonymity for financial transactions. It is one of three subsets of the internet—in all, there’s the surface web, the deep web and the dark web. Most of us normally use the surface web, which only makes up approximately three to four percent of all information available on the internet.

The rest of the content can be placed under the deep web category, which is filled with information that isn’t indexed by conventional search engines like Google.That content pertains to databases, encyclopedic catalogues, medical records, government resources, etc. A comprehensive table of deep web links has been posted on Dark Web News just to give you an idea of how extensive the content is.

You might consider that you can always access the entire internet but in reality, what you are accessing on a daily basis is only the tip of the iceberg. Search engines are only capable of surfing the surface web, which is only a tiny portion of the entire internet.

Big Data

Now, the dark web is a small division of the internet where drug trafficking, child pornography and other illegal trades and activities take place. These …

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