How Big Data is Helping Social Workers Know Where to Focus

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Social workers play an important role into how society shapes itself for the future. They make sure children, families, and adults could survive, thrive, and interact with local communities. Most social workers spend their time trying to help people in lower income communities get whatever help they need, to improve their quality of life and decrease crime.

The problem is, there aren’t enough social workers to go around. Many social workers are over-worked, emotionally burdened, and asked to accomplish projects way too big for them.

Luckily, social workers aren’t alone. Thanks to big data, social workers can find where best to spend their time, discover best practices for helping individuals and communities and identity areas that some preventive action could help keep a community healthy.   

Big Data Mapping Different Factors

With the right data, it’s possible to see patterns, trends, signals, and contributors to different elements of living in a low-income neighbourhood. Mapping out these different factors can give social workers guidance as to what type of actions they need to take to help the neighbourhood as a whole.

For example, let’s say a social worker wants to combat dangerous disease and help prevent illnesses like diabetes or heart disease. They can team up …

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