How Big Data Can Improve Public Education

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The children are the future, and it should be a common desire of everybody that education is a priority. The more educated children are, the better off the human race will be in the future.

Improving the world’s education means utilising all of the tools available. We need better teachers, more funding, and the latest advances in technology involved. By using big data and new technology, educators and administrators can better focus their time and create tactics to improve education across the board.

Finding Trends in How Students Learn

Every kid is unique. They have their personalities, likes, dislikes, and learning preferences. While teachers do what they can to accommodate every type of learning style, some students will receive less attention than others. Right now, this is a sad truth.

Yet, thanks to surveillance technology like facial recognition cameras and Fitbits, schools could monitor students during the learning process. Within the first few years of education, educators could identify which methods their students learn best with and then create plans to accommodate them. This could include organising classrooms by learning needs, making sure students have access to relevant tools, and making sure teachers are properly trained in matching teaching methods.

To be able to do …

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